DANA Diversifies Revenue Streams by Offering Value-Added Services to Its Growing Segment

igloo dana gamers health insurance partnership

“We are aware that the game is growing rapidly, even contributing to the creative economy sub-sector in the country. Therefore, we are not only focusing on providing easy digital transactions for game purchases, but we are also taking part in protecting gamers from health risks from gaming by providing insurance available on Igloo,” Rangga Wiseno, Chief of Product DANA Indonesia


With millions of transactions made on its platform daily, leading digital wallet DANA was exploring how it can leverage on its existing customer segments and diversify its revenue streams. Igloo, as a full-stack insurtech firm, worked closely with DANA through a product discovery process and eventually developed an end-to-end solution that serves a growing segment, while keeping operational costs low.

Opportunity | Cross Selling to High-Value Customers

Mobile games have gained more popularity over the years, not least during the pandemic lockdowns. The gaming industry in Indonesia continues to grow and recorded total sales of US$1.92 billion in 2021. Hailed as the largest gaming market in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is home to 43% of professional esports players in the world.

DANA, Indonesia’s leading digital wallet, noticed that out of the 10 million transactions made on the platform daily, a significant number is coming from top-ups or purchases of game credits and vouchers. This presents an opportunity for the digital wallet platform to expand its offerings to its gaming segment.

gamers protection for dana

Solution | A Specialist Cover Powered by Automated Solutions

The increased popularity of mobile sports in the country brings health issues associated with prolonged hours of gaming. Playing to our strength as an end-to-end solutions provider, we teamed up with Jagadiri to customise a specialist cover to protect the gaming community. Igloo then partnered with DANA to facilitate the award-winning gamer’s insurance product, a first in the country.

The product currently covers heart attacks and carpal tunnel syndrome. Users can purchase the protection on the DANA app and select from plans starting from as low as Rp1,000 and up to a maximum benefit of Rp1,000,000.

Besides co-creating the insurance product with both DANA and our insurer partner, we manage policy activations, claims management and claims payout. Our plug-and-play API also allows for management of policies and claims seamlessly.

All in all, we provided an end-to-end platform catered for DANA to improve customer experience, while reducing its operational costs. This new protection is also in line with DANA’s commitment to continuously update and improve the user experience of digital transactions through the DANA app.

About DANA

DANA is a digital wallet service by PT Espay Debit Indonesia Koe, an Indonesian startup company in the financial technology sector paving the way towards an advanced infrastructure which makes it possible to complete payments and transactions without cash, without card. In addition to its availability on iOS and Android, DANA is integrated with various merchants and renowned applications as a payment solution, both online and offline. Dana has 120 million users and processes 10 million transactions per day.

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