Pet insurance

Offer peace of mind to the pet owners amidst your customers with our embedded insurance solutions

Add pet protection to your service offerings

Leverage on a high growth market, all while keeping coverage and subscription flexible for your customers.

High growth market

With parametric insurance products, indices – such as rainfall levels – are used to determine claims, hence avoiding the need for subjective decision making and/or manual errors.

Affordable coverage, with a flexible subscription for users

Pet owners can protect their furry friends at an affordable price, while keeping their commitment periods flexible.

Integrated experiences

Our APIs allow partners to integrate insurance products and flows onto their platforms for a seamless experience.

What’s the deal with pet insurance?

The pet insurance landscape in Southeast Asia may be small, but it is growing. The rise of pet-focused e-commerce players over the last few years is a signal that pet owners may now be ready to try out a variety of pet products and services – including pet insurance. As the number of pet owners rises in the region, the pool of veterinarians has remained pretty much the same. This inevitably drives up veterinary care costs. Our pet protection solutions aim to help pet owners plan for costly emergencies, while keeping premiums affordable.

Reaching out to 12 million dog owners in the Philippines

Four out of every 10 Filipino households own a pet, and there are approximately 11.6 million dog owners in the country. Seizing that opportunity, we partnered with GCash, the Philippine’s leading e-wallet, and Malayan Insurance to launch a pet protection plan – available on GCash’s insurance marketplace.

Learn how Igloo can help integrate customized insurance solutions to your platform

Igloo’s core lies in the development of full stack solutions and services within the whole insurance journey value chain. We enable our partners to provide their users with the right insurance products in the most user friendly and optimised way.

Discovery and purchase

  • Optimised experience for discovery and selection of insurance products
  • Transparent and easy to understand; no complex terminology and insurance fineprint
  • Easy and convenient payment methods

Policy activation and management

  • Frictionless policy activation and management powered by full self serve technology platform
  • Authenticated access to ensure data security
  • Automated payment renewal that can be switched on and off based on preferences

Claims management

  • Online claim submission for expedited processing and reimbursements
  • Immediate notifications of claim and reimbursement status updates
  • Multi-channel customer support available for assistance

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