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What is embedded insurance

Embedded insurance, also known as “insurance as a feature”, extends your business’s offerings to include insurance products and coverage, positioning them as a value-add on top of your non-insurance goods or services.

Embedded insurance simplifies and streamlines typically complex insurance purchases to either a one-click opt-in or a frictionless opt-out experience for your customers. With Igloo’s proprietary inhouse tech such as dynamic pricing and AI recommendations engine, personalisation at scale is as easy as plugging and playing our API in your business’s platform.

Why embedded insurance

  • Additional revenue stream

    Add a revenue stream with minimal cost and operational headaches while enhancing engagement with your customers. By incorporating an insurance offering component at relevant and critical touchpoints, it’s a win-win for everyone.

  • Transform your brand image

    Transform an otherwise largely transactional relationship with your customers to a holistic and customer-focused one. Thereby positioning your business in your customer base as a brand that cares instead of just a provider of goods or services.

Online capabilities

Igloo offers endless possibilities without the limits of typical, traditional insurance set-ups, of which the digital aspect of embedded insurance by Igloo is where security and ease meet speed and scalability.

  • Rapidly ship & customise insurance products

    Igloo patented zero-code digital insurance platform, enables rapid customisation of complex insurance products and distribution to your customers at the point of need in mere weeks, not months.

  • Flexible all-in-one API

    Recommendations engine and dynamic pricing module powered by state-of-the-art AI models in a single unified API, seamlessly embedded in any touchpoint for the best customer experience through a simple integration process.

  • Full-feature white-labelled platforms

    Standalone marketplace, sales platform, customer portal, admin panel, you name it - and all with your brand. Handling everything from policy management, quotes, purchases, activations and claims.

How we can help

Offline capabilities

For businesses with brick and mortar presence, Igloo offline capabilities adapt solutions to fit in-person or self-serve scenarios while ensuring secure, consistent and timely data synchronisation. Our friendly customer service support team is also always a call or email away.

  • Seamless integration with POS in retail stores

    Custom integration with your point-of-sales (POS) system or app to capture offline policy purchases bundled with your products and services, and leaving the heavy lifting of post-sales processes to Igloo.

  • End-to-end digitisation & automation tools

    Your customers can self-serve through QR codes and online white-labelled microsites or physical insurance cards. Alternatively, appoint sales intermediaries to facilitate policy issuance with customers, bulk upload user data for a done-for-you model.

  • Real-time multi-location data monitoring

    POS integration with Igloo opens up a live admin dashboard for retail chain owners to monitor sales performance across stores, giving you full visibility on data to identify opportunities and track targets.

And many more possibilities. We’re just scratching the surface with the most common omni-channel solutions successfully implemented for our partners and their customers. Have a unique business case? Igloo is always up for the challenge.

How we can help

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