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How Igloo’s agency management suite can help

Scale your agency business across multiple countries with a white-labelled agency management system (AMS) powered by a leading regional insurtech’s learnings in the Southeast Asia region, used by 45,000 sales intermediaries in just 2023.

  • streamline

    Bring everything from pre-sales and post-sales to agent onboarding, engagement and rewards together on a unified platform, giving you a complete view of every touchpoint your agents have with your customers. Never struggle with a lack of visibility so you can focus on strategy and optimisation.

  • sell more

    Your agents never have to worry about the boring yet important steps of sales such as quote generation, policy issuance and commission tracking among others, Igloo’s AMS settles that while they focus on closing deals. Searching for insurance products and their most up-to-date benefits and details are just a few taps away too.

  • admin work

    Gone are the days of your agents being buried in administration. Everything that can be automated is automated, and that includes everything at the agency level including agent onboarding, customer engagement and commission disbursement.

  • Igloo’s AMS consolidates all the crucial data points in a single admin dashboard, allowing for filtering and sorting across every agent or customer touchpoint.

Everything you need in an AMS and more

  • Manage

    • Agent Onboarding
      User-friendly signup/login process for individual agents.
    • Tiered Agency Structure
      Establish hierarchical agency structures with tiered levels for better organisation.
    • Referral Code System
      Enable agents to onboard new recruits under them using referral codes, facilitating network growth.
    • Product Onboarding
      You can onboard your own choice of insurance products using our in-house digital insurance platform
    • Agent Support
      Dedicated support resources to assist agents with any queries or issues they encounter
  • Streamline

    • Quote Generation
      Generate quotes quickly and accurately based on customer information and insurance products.
    • Policy Issuance
      Facilitate seamless policy issuance on behalf of customers, ensuring a smooth transaction process.
    • Customer Management
      Easy access to policy documents and customer information.
    • Automated Notifications
      Automated notifications for agents and customers at key stages of the sales process, improving communication and transparency.
    • Mobile Accessibility
      Access Ignite’s features on-the-go via mobile devices, allowing agents to conduct business from anywhere.
    • Learning Management
      Agents get an ever-growing library of product training manuals, brochures, and lessons to improve their product knowledge.
  • Optimise

    • Automated Commission Calculation
      Automatically calculate commissions based on predefined rules and parameters, eliminating manual errors.
    • Commission Tracking
      Track commission earnings in real-time, providing agents with visibility into their earnings.
    • Commission Disbursement
      Seamless transfer of commissions to agents’ bank accounts upon policy issuance, ensuring timely payments.
    • Performance Analytics
      Analyse agent performance and commission trends to identify areas for improvement and strategic decision-making.
    • Customer Lifecycle Marketing
      Automated nurturing series of marketing messages to either push the customer down the purchasing funnel or winback potentially disengaged customers.

And a whole bunch of others, and the list keeps growing as we improve the AMS.


White-labelled to fit your brand

Colors, fonts and everything brand-related are customised to fit your agency's image.

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Our insurer partner network

Give your agents access to an expansive and ever-growing network of regional and local insurers, extending their sales opportunities to virtually limitless bounds. We can also onboard insurers of your choice by working with the tech team to integrate their products onto the app.

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