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Swiftly ship tailor-made insurance products and scale omni-channel distribution, all on an intuitive UI

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What is a digital insurance platform?

visual platform allows anyone to digitise insurance products across dozens of insurance types, unifying them into flexible, scalable APIs that can be further customised on the fly to fit multiple distribution channels.

Huge product blueprint library

200+ product blueprint plans across 100+ products from 40+ leading and trusted regional insurers to further customise and modify according to your requirements

Intuitive interface

Configuration done through a drag-and-drop interface with in-built calculated values and preview of your configured plan/product

Full control

Specify distribution channels, product discoverability, benefits presentation, and anything related to customer experience all from the Turbo platform

Suite of tools

With a complete set of portals to support the end-to-end business operations, including admin portal for your team, customer portal for end-users, etc.

Who would benefit from a digital insurance platform?

  • Insurers

    • Digitise insurance products, allow for limitless configuration and customisation, then scale distribution across multiple channels
    • Connect your inherited systems to Turbo through a custom integration, allowing you to adopt cutting-edge tech while maintaining legacy processes
  • Insurance brokers

    • Leverage our expanding network of insurers and ready-made products for customisation to distribute across suitable channels
    • Optimise the customer journey from pre-sales to post-sales with a unified and flexible API, customer portal and admin platform
Who we can help

The Igloo advantage

Igloo's infrastructure offers unparalleled flexibility in product configuration to adapt to virtually any scenario. Start from scratch or significantly cut customisation time by importing ready-made product blueprints from our library or build your own reusable components and insert into multiple products. Scale your distribution efforts with ease by using our automated quotation, underwriting & claims rule engine.

  • Visual interface

    Configure and customise every aspect of insurance products with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface similar to any modern document editing software.

  • Blueprint library

    Leverage a growing bank of proven blueprints of tried and tested products, reducing development time by at least half.

  • Omni-channel distribution

    Have full control over the distribution of your products while scaling up with automated claims processing through robust rules and conditions.

  • White-labelled modules

    Use your own infrastructure or leverage our full-featured modules that address every touchpoint in the insurance buying cycle such as quick quote generation, underwriting, admin portal and customer portal among others.

  • Third-party integrations

    Igloo’s open APIs make integrating with any other third-party tools or software critical to your business easy and fuss-free.

  • Compatible with legacy systems

    Igloo’s tech is forward-looking yet respectful of inherited processes - our team is highly experienced in connecting legacy systems with cutting-edge technology to ensure operational continuity, data coherence and integrity.

Why Turbo

Integrated with 40+ leading and trusted regional insurers

Don't see an insurer here yet? Suggest them to us and we'll do our best to integrate their products into Igloo's digital insurance platform.

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