Personal Accident Insurance Plan in the Philippines

Igloo can help you integrate personal accident insurance plans into your customers’ purchase journey while lowering onboarding costs and premiums.

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What Is Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal accident insurance is a type of insurance plan that provides financial protection in the event of unexpected accidents. This coverage includes support for temporary or permanent disabilities, loss of income, and even a loss of life. Common causes of accidental injury include falls, burns, road accidents, stings, and accidents at work. 

Such occurrences can happen unexpectedly and are a major cause of financial stress for unprepared Filipino families. By providing microinsurance options like personal accident insurance for your customers, you are essentially providing them an additional safety net for medical expenses not covered by their health insurance.

What Does Igloo’s Personal Accident Plan Cover?

With Igloo’s insurance in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your customers will be financially supported in the event of an accident. 

At Igloo, our embedded personal accident insurance solutions offer varying levels of protection, dependent upon the policy holder’s specific plan. From coverage for unexpected medical expenses to other relevant costs, here are some coverage benefits we can provide:

Accidents Causing: Loss of Life, Dismemberment, Loss of Sight/Total Permanent Disability


  • Loss of life – Claim a lump sum payment from the insurance plan for beneficiaries in the event of death caused by personal accidents in the Philippines.
  • Dismemberment – Loss of limbs, eyesight, speech, hearing, etc, caused by an accident which inhibits policyholder’s ability to live life as they did before the accident.
  • Total permanent disability –  Examples include spinal cord injury leading to partial/total paralysis, traumatic brain injury, etc


Daily Compensation for In-Patient Department (IPD) Treatment

Policyholders requiring hospitalization due to an accident can claim coverage that pays a set amount per day for a specified number of days. Costs associated with in-patient treatment, such as hospital stays, medical expenses, and other related fees, can also be compensated via Igloo’s Personal Accident insurance protection.

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Key features of Igloo’s Personal Accident Insurance Plans

Streamlining the insurance experience, our online API platform offers access to personal accident plans and coverage with minimal effort from you or your customers. With Igloo, you reduce time-consuming paperwork for claims and costly onboarding processes; now your customers can buy plans and protect themselves quickly in a few simple clicks. 

Easy. As it should be.

Discovery and purchase

  • Optimized experience for discovery and selection of motorcycle insurance products
  • Transparent and easy-to-understand – no complex terminology and insurance fine print
  • Easy and convenient payment methods

Policy activation and management

  • Frictionless policy activation and management powered by a full self-serve technology platform
  • Authenticated access to ensure data security
  • Automated payment renewal that can be switched on and off based on preferences

Claims management

  • Online claim submission for expedited processing and reimbursements
  • Immediate notifications of personal accident claim and reimbursement status updates
  • Multi-channel customer support available for assistance once your customer buys our plans

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FAQs about personal accident insurance plans

Offering personal accident insurance online can give your business an additional revenue stream while providing customers much-needed financial protection against unforeseen accidents and events. With the convenience of purchasing their insurance plan on your platforms, you are also providing more relevant offerings for your customers and delivering greater value to their overall experience with your brand.

Personal accident insurance does not usually cover intentional harm caused by policyholders, acts of negligence, medical expenses related to pre-existing health conditions, and war or nuclear risks. It is important to check the exact terms and conditions of the policy prior to purchase as different insurance providers may offer varying coverage.

Data from the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) shows that there have been an average of 156.65 road crash cases daily in Manila, Philippines in 2022, totaling 57,179 incidents. Globally, road accidents claim the lives of 1.35 million people each year.  

Given these statistics, it is important to arm your customers with a good personal accident insurance plan in order to help them protect themselves from unexpected costs that arise from tragic accidents or sudden medical expenses.

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