We embrace inclusion as we collaborate with each other across the globe and diversity fuels our innovative spirit.

Hear what our employees have to say

"The collaborative nature of workflows across countries is great and everyone in the team is comfortable with it. I could be calling my engineering team in China in the morning, speak to our business colleague in Vietnam and engage in a discussion with our team in Indonesia, all before the lunch hour"
- Vincent Liew, Singapore
“I have joined Igloo since the beginning of its entity establishment in Vietnam. Despite the difficulties and early struggles in adapting to a new workplace environment, I’ve found joy in learning and working with people from different cultures.”
- Do Thanh Tung, Vietnam
“Igloo is a company that I’m glad to be working for - a great place to work with cordial atmosphere. Though working in a startup company comes with challenges, the management makes the point to choose the right people for the team for work to be a lot less difficult. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by people who are generous in sharing their ideas and knowledge which makes everyday filled with new learning opportunities.”
- Amable Leslie Ruth, Philippines
"Being a part of the pioneer industry player in such a niche market is always challenging. Sometimes we face obstacles in creating something never seen before in a sunset industry. Little did we know, we are actually the trendsetter in a tiny but mighty insurtech industry."
- Mike Wong, Malaysia
"My experience at Igloo has been a great opportunity for my growth; very educational, exciting and inspiring. The variety of my work made me learn a lot about myself, what my strong points are and what points needed improvement. Lovely colleagues and challenging yet rewarding task!"
- Aya Hona Leva, Indonesia
"Working at Igloo is fun and very challenging. I feel like everyone is working very professionally and independently but never say no when others are asking for help. Personally, I think this kind of working environment is making us all do better and all aim for smooth work flows and success."
- Ramida Thepanondh, Thailand
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Employee Incentives

We want everyone to be healthy and have the support they need.

Our Core Values

The future is filled with exciting challenges- new regions, technologies and businesses. Guided by our five core values, we will meet these challenges creatively and with the support of our global community.

Asian Presence

We currently have offices and tech hubs across 8 countries globally, with expertise and capabilities spanning commercial, insurance, product, marketing and customer service.

We work with close to 30 partners across Indonesia, China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Australia in e-commerce, Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance & Lifestyle industries to deliver over 10 product lines to consumers in the region.

Terms And Conditions

Bằng việc ấn vào nút “Đăng ký ngay”, bạn cam kết cho phép chúng tôi quản lý, lưu trữ và sử dụng toàn bộ hoặc một phần thông tin mà bạn đã cung cấp với thời gian không xác định nhằm mục đích tiếp thị và nghiên cứu thị trường mà không cần thêm bất kỳ sự chấp thuận nào khác. Đồng thời, bạn cam kết đồng ý với Chính sách bảo mật của Igloo.
VN contact number: 0888 994 664

VN email
Partnership: cs.vn@igloo.insure
Agency: cs.agency.vn@iglooinsure.com