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Expand your business revenue stream by becoming a distribution partner with digital embedded insurance products, all while delighting your customers with a seamless experience.

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How becoming a distribution partner helps your business and customers

Give your customers protection that complements your products and services, right when it matters most. Add insurance to any part of the customer journey without the operational hassle, know-how and overheads, made possible with embedded insurance solutions.

Whether your customers are offline or online, Igloo helps businesses of all sizes by seamlessly integrating insurance into the customer experience. We do that with tech, big data and a commitment to an “insurance for all” vision.

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There are many platforms providing products and services to a large customer base that can benefit from embedding an insurance policy. For the partners, this provides them with a more engaged customer experience as well as a way to upsell and increase the basketsize with a positive contribution margin product for them.

Igloo's value

  • Comprehensive, relevant and competitive insurance products
  • End to end full tech stack covering the whole user journey (incl product discovery, policy activation, claim management)
  • Flexibility and adaptability to support partner’s requirements

Product examples


  • Shopee (mobile protection, electronics protection) Logistics:


  • Ahamove (transit protection, driver PA protection)


  • Lotte Finance (loan protection)
Business case

Why partner with Igloo?

  • Ready for any scale

    Comprehensive, relevant and competitive insurance products for practically every industry and industry niche, all delivered digitally to ensure scalability and speed

  • Comprehensive tech suite

    End-to-end full-stack tech to cover every part of any customer journey, including product discovery, policy activation and claims management

  • Limitless customisability

    Infinite flexibility and adaptability to support any partner’s requirements and business operations

  • Proven track record

    We work with over 55 distribution partners across 6 countries in Asia in industries such as e-Commerce, telecommunications, digital banks, e-Wallets, and consumer finance

Value propositions

What it means to be a distribution partner

How it works

    Understand your business, research on your industry and niche

    Explore and co-create customised products for your customers

    Integrate selected customised products into the customer journey

    Set-up relevant solutions for your business, such as sales portals and micro-sites to facilitate product discovery, policy activation and claims management where required

    Launch, get feedback and optimise for the best possible customer experience and outcomes for your business

Igloo's comprehensive tech suite that's infinitely customisable

  • Embedded insurance

  • Full-feature white-label platforms

  • Digitisation and automation suite

  • Flexible all-in-one API

  • Seamless integration with retail POS

Igloo's regional footprint

We work with over 70 insurance and distribution partners across 6 markets in Asia in industries such as e-commerce, telecommunications, banking, insurance, lifestyle, consumer finance and logistics to deliver over 15 product lines in the region.

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