Insurtech Insights Asia

We are proud to participate at one of Asia’s largest insurtech events on 6 and 7 December 2023 as speakers and panelists. Insurtech Insights Asia 2023 were attended by 5,000+ leaders in the insurance and insurtech space, attracting world-renowned brands such as AIA, Prudential, AXA, Sun Life, and Google among many others.

6 & 7 December 2023
Hong Kong, China

Event speakers

raunak mehta igloo co-founder & ceo
wilson tseng igloo cbo
liliang zhu igloo cto
igloo at insurtech insights 2023
liliang wilson keynote
wilson liliang keynote

Keynote Presentation: Next-gen insurance tech to swiftly ship products & scale claim processes

Keynote presentation

In our keynote, Liliang Zhu presented Turbo, our latest next-gen insurtech innovation to bring products to market at record speed and automate claims at scale. Wilson Tseng went on to present a Turbo case study, specifically for our award-winning Weather Index Insurance product, showcasing how Turbo enabled Igloo to cover over 70k hectares for the Vietnamese farmers in less than a year.

Access our presentation slides in PDF format.

raunak as panelist close-up
raunak as panelist speaking

Panel Discussion: Driving Innovation in Insurtech - What Works, What Doesn’t

Panel discussion

Raunak participated as a panelist in two separate sessions, one of which he shared how Igloo manages to maintain our scaling efforts even in the face of headwinds in the global economy and also specifically in the insurtech space. Raunak explained how we used innovation (in Igloo’s case for example, our award-winning Weather Index Insurance product) to solve a real-world problem such as climate change, has contributed to scaling our business and addressing an underserved segment (Vietnamese farmers).

Igloo is always on the lookout for partners

If Turbo, Weather Index Insurance, or any of our products and solutions excite you, please reach out to to further discuss possibilities.

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