Foodpanda Thailand insures over 10,000 of its riders in with PandaCare

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How foodpanda Thailand protected and supported their riders during the pandemic – leading the charge on providing insurance for an important segment of the gig economy.

The Challenge

Thailand’s insurance penetration rate stands at a mere 1.7 percent, and its insurance gap (represented by premiums as a percentage of GDP) is 0.3% (US$1.5 billion), making it amongst the top 25 countries with the most significant insurance gaps in the world.

With the Covid-19 pandemic raging and nation-wide lockdowns restrictions, food delivery services have seen a surge in demand. As food delivery riders meet this increasing demand, they spend more time on the roads, increasing their risk and exposure to accidents.

To address rider welfare and the new challenges brought about by the pandemic, foodpanda Thailand wanted to provide its riders with a suitable protection plan that equips them with relevant insurance coverage during the course of their work.

The solution

Partnering with foodpanda Thailand, Igloo created a competitively-priced PandaCare – comprising motor, personal accident and hospitalisation income protection – that covered riders while providing a seamless claims process and customer service support.

These motor, personal accident and hospitalisation income protection products (provided by MSIG Insurance, Cigna Insurance and Tune Insurance respectively) all have been intricately developed to meet the concerns faced by riders while on the road. Under PandaCare, riders are compensated for basic hospitalisation inpatient (IPD) fees and for their vehicle damage on the road.

The competitively-priced premiums are charged based on the model of the rider’s vehicle for motor insurance, and PandaCare’s end-to-end management of the customer journey allows a fuss-free and seamless user experience for the riders.

Solution features

Seamless activation process

Designed and built by Igloo, the mobile micro-site allows riders to simply login on their phones using their rider ID and national ID to activate the PandaCare policy.

24/7 Customer support

Riders can even have any queries they have about PandaCare answered via a Line extension and chatbot.

Easy claims submission and management

The Claims process is as seamless and fuss-free as well. With just three easy steps, customers can easily submit their claim and receive reimbursement. To expedite the claims management process for both the riders and foodpanda, riders simply submit and file their claims on the same microsite on which they activated the policy, an all-in-one platform that is convenient and efficient.

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