Ignite by Igloo is a pioneering insurtech platform aimed at making insurance sales and servicing seamless for agents and customers in Southeast Asia. One of Ignite’s key strengths is its diverse range of insurance products from leading providers. Let’s examine Ignite’s expansive product suite and policy offerings.

Broad Policy Categories

Ignite brings together a wide spectrum of insurance products on its digital platform spanning multiple categories including health, personal accident, motor, travel, home and even pet insurance. This diverse basket caters to key insurance needs for individuals and businesses.

Diverse product offerings for trustworthy insurers

A key strength is that Ignite consolidates offerings from leading insurance providers in each market. This includes prominent insurers like Bao Viet, PTI in Vietnam and global players like AIA across the region. Bringing policies from diverse insurers onto its API-based platform provides immense choice for agents and customers.

Regional foothold with localization at scale

While serving Southeast Asia, Ignite customizes solutions for each country based on specific needs. In Vietnam, it offers over 30 localized plans across 7 categories from 2 top insurers. In Indonesia, Ignite provides access to over 30 plans focused on 4 categories, from over 10 major insurers. As Ignite expands into more countries like the Philippines, it partners with top local insurers.

Hyper personalization that embraces diversity

Within each category, Ignite offers various plans with differing covers, premiums and claims options. This enables personalization of protection. For instance, health plans range from basic hospital cash to comprehensive medical policies. Such plan diversity and depth make Ignite versatile for diverse customer segments.

Key Stats and Growth

Founded in 2021, Ignite was launched in Vietnam and Indonesia in 2021 and 2022 respectively. It expanded to the Philippines in August 2023. As of 2023, Ignite has over 16,000 agents in Vietnam, over 6,000 in Indonesia and close to 2,000 in the Philippines.

In summary, Ignite provides immense insurance selection through its ever-growing diverse offerings. It aims to make protection accessible through choice, relevance and constant evolution.

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