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Protect everything that matters to you so you can live your life with peace of mind and do more.

In Indonesia now and coming up in other markets in Southeast Asia.

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Igloo's promise to our customers

  • $

    Family comes first

    Safeguarding your loved ones, including your pet, with simplicity, transparency, and trusted insurance for the whole family.

  • Quick and efficient

    Say goodbye to complexity and hello to easy, comprehensive cover that provides peace of mind in less than 3 mins.

  • Supportive claim assistance

    Our claims support team will seamlessly help you process your claim for complete peace of mind

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* Survey conducted via external company with 800 respondents


While ID has a large uninsured population, +80% of the target audience (mid-high income, digital native, urban) has shared* their willingness to purchase via an Insuretech* if its easy, user friendly and affordable.

Igloo's value

  • Comprehensive and competitive insurance products
  • User friendly journey including family packages
  • Large database of online insurance buyers to cross sell
  • “Insurance for All” mission linked with CSR message


  • Motor
  • Pet
  • Travel
  • Car
  • Health
How Igloo is different

Insurance for all

Our commitment
  • Vision

    Insurance for all

    We want to give people the freedom to pursue what truly matters in their lives and the confidence to take risks. Because people understand that they are covered by insurance.

  • Mission

    Making insurance accessible and affordable using data and tech

    We exist to give people the insurance that they deserve. Insurance that’s simple to use, painless and honest. Insurance that’s people-first.

Igloo is the only insurtech with multiple verticals in all key markets in Southeast Asia

We work with over 70 insurance and distribution partners across 6 markets in Asia in industries such as e-commerce, telecommunications, banking, insurance, lifestyle, consumer finance and logistics to deliver over 15 product lines in the region.

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