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Customisable automobile insurance for all motor vehicles in your business fleet to minimise operational disruption and finance accident risks.

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Provide your drivers with seamless automobile insurance coverage

Automobile insurance covers all motor vehicles including cars, motorcycles and motor fleet, providing protection against accidents, vehicle breakdown, and even theft. Offer customised coverage to businesses, consumers, and private hires depending on needs and situation.

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Automobile protection plans for your private hires, car fleets, and electric vehicles

Personal vehicle protection

Commercial vehicle protection

Personal accident

Total loss only (TLO) protection

All risk protection

Electric vehicle protection

Pick the kind of insurance that is best suited to your customer base

As Southeast Asia’s top full-stack insurtech firm, we know what the industry needs and we understand the business requirements of our partners across various sectors.

With our knowledge and expertise, we provide the following products:

  • Motorcycle insurance
  • Electric vehicle insurance
  • Car insurance
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Customisable to fit any automobile business

Regardless whether your business sells or rents out cars, electric vehicles or various kinds of motorcycles, we can customise protection plans that fit your specific business needs. Offer several flexible options to customers, private hire rentals, or your automobile purchasers, enhancing the buyer experience.

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Seamless protection experience

Embed automobile insurance plans in your car rental or dealership operations, positioning protection as a value added service to your customers. Leverage Igloo's expertise in providing a seamless protection experience while you focus on operations and business.

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We've collaborated with a variety of partners to keep drivers and passsengers safe on the road


Contact us to learn more about the customisation options for your company and become one of our happy partners.

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Learn how Igloo can help integrate customised insurance solutions to your platform

Igloo’s core lies in the development of full stack solutions and services within the whole insurance journey value chain. We enable our partners to provide their users with the right insurance products in the most user friendly and optimised way.

Discovery and purchase

  • Optimised experience for discovery and selection of insurance products
  • Transparent and easy to understand; no complex terminology and insurance fineprint
  • Easy and convenient payment methods

Policy activation and management

  • Frictionless policy activation and management powered by full self serve technology platform
  • Authenticated access to ensure data security
  • Automated payment renewal that can be switched on and off based on preferences

Claims management

  • Online claim submission for expedited processing and reimbursements
  • Immediate notifications of claim and reimbursement status updates
  • Multi-channel customer support available for assistance

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