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A Symphony of Flexibility and Opportunity

Ignite introduces an approach where gigs adapt to life, not the other way around, placing the reins of daily scheduling firmly in the hands of those who choose to engage. It promises a fit as perfect as a favorite pair of jeans, whether it’s optimising the quiet of dawn or finding moments of productivity in the evening calm.

Why become an insurance agent?

Steps to become an Ignite part-time agent

4 simple steps to start selling insurance products as a side hustle for supplementary income.

Step 1

Sign Up, Spark Beginnings: Dive into your part-time journey.

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Step 2

Train & Triumph: Master the essentials with us.

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Step 3

Sell & Soar: Ignite your sales and watch them fly.

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Step 4

Diversify & Dominate: Expand your horizons, amplify your earnings.

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How it works

Benefits of being an Ignite agent

Why Ignite?

Growth With Every Step

Engaging with Ignite transcends the usual paycheck. It’s about adding layers of progress to personal and professional landscapes, about honing skills and gathering new experiences with every task. This journey with Ignite is one of continuous personal evolution and professional development.

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A Community That Welcomes

The Ignite community offers a warm embrace well beyond the conventional networking. Here, laughter and advice circulate freely, support is mutual, and bonds go deep. In this space, the journey is shared, enriched by the stories and successes of fellow participants, highlighting that the value lies not just in the destination but also in the companionship along the way.

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Embarking on a New Chapter

Starting with Ignite is designed to be a rewarding experience, from the initial dive to the continuous journey. Resources are readily available to ensure a smooth transition, with guidance and encouragement a staple as participants navigate through this new chapter in their career paths.

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Beyond Just Earnings

Opting for Ignite equates to choosing a vibrant and dynamic life approach, seeking a balance many yearn for but seldom achieve. Ignite stands not just as a means to supplement income but as a gateway to a life lived on one’s own terms, vibrant and fulsome.

What a part-time Ignite agent said

“Our work entails face-to-face meetings with clients and this usually takes time because traffic jams are so bad. And this client-facing is just one aspect of our job, we need to attend to time-consuming processes for onboarding clients, claims settlement, appraisal, and more.”

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RR Tri Rejeki

An insurance agent using Ignite from Indonesia

Frequently asked questions about being a part-time Ignite agent

  • Who can sign up with Ignite by Igloo to refer insurance products?

    You can be an Ignite agent if you’re a local resident in your country above the age of 18 and own a smartphone. Whether you’re an office worker, a student, a housewife, a retiree, a travel agent, or an insurance partner, you can refer to various insurance products with the Ignite by Igloo app, at your own time, from wherever you are.

  • What's special about App Ignite?

    By giving agents the ability to conveniently cross sell different types of insurance in a single app, Ignite helps an agent become the go-to trusted source for their client’s wider insurance needs, creating more opportunities to earn the commissions that will propel their own success. We also offer a faster and simpler sales and claims process, making the agent’s job more rewarding than ever before. This is how Ignite helps:

    • Sell multiple insurance products in one app, even remotely
    • A wide range of carefully selected insurance providers
    • Simple, easy, fully digitized sales and claims process
    • Secure payment processing. Transact with confidence
  • Do I need any certification to be an insurance agent with Ignite by Igloo?

    No certification is required. As long as you are 18+ years old and can use a smartphone.

  • Do I need to buy anything to sign up with Ignite by Igloo?

    No, you don’t have to buy anything or pay any money to start partnering with Ignite by Igloo, not even an insurance policy for yourself. Chances are, you already have everything it takes: a smartphone and a desire to earn extra income!

  • Do I need to go into the office to do this?

    No! The Ignite by Igloo app is designed for our insurance sales partners to sell the products from anywhere – at home, in a cafe, etc. With a smartphone and an Internet connection, the sales possibilities are endless.

  • What insurance products can I sell?

    With Ignite by Igloo, you can sell diversely. The product offerings are various from: HSCR, travel insurance, healthcare, TPL, physical damage. Our product offerings will be added in the future.

  • What are insurance providers for our products on Ignite by Igloo?

    Ignite by Igloo has partnerships with trustworthy insurers in the Southeast Asia region. We keep expanding our network of insurers.

  • How does Ignite by Igloo help me sell insurance?

    Ignite by Igloo is an artificial intelligence and big data-driven platform that covers the entire insurance sales journey, including: understanding and comparing products, paying premiums and managing commissions, team performance tracking as well as effectively helping agents to engage with customers effectively.

  • How much can I earn from selling insurance with Ignite by Igloo?

    There is no fixed income, no minimum sales volume to hit, and indeed no upper-income limit for our Ignite by Igloo partners. The more policies and products you sell, the higher your commissions, and the higher your opportunity for renewals, which will lead to even more income.

  • How will my commissions be paid to me?

    You can link your bank account to the Ignite by Igloo app and easily transfer your commissions directly to the bank account of your choice at any time.

  • When will I receive commission after my sales?

    You can cash out anytime as long as your commission amount is above the threshold (differs across countries; check in-app for more details).

  • Is it safe to share my personal information?

    Ignite by Igloo commits to information confidentiality for all agents, customers & partners as well as tractional information


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Interested to find out more about Ignite? Get in touch with us with this form.

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