Why become an Ignite agent?

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Become a full-time Ignite agent

Get started with a competitive commission scheme and resources to help you sell more to your clients.

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Become a part-time Ignite agent

Have a full-time job or can’t commit to work as a full-time agent? Sign up as a part-time Ignite agent and sell during your free time to your network and earn extra income.

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How Ignite helps you sell

All-in-one mobile app
  • Up-to-date Insurance Products and Catalog

    Stay competitive with access to the latest insurance products and catalogs in the market. Our easy-to-use comparison and swift fill functions allow you and your team to provide clients with the best offerings. Keep ahead of industry trends and ensure your agency offers top-tier solutions.

  • Learn and Grow

    Dive into the world of endless possibilities with our Learn and Grow feature, your trusty sidekick on this journey of continuous improvement. It's like having a library, a newsfeed, and a personal coach all rolled into one, offering you everything from skill enhancement to the latest buzz in the industry. With Ignite, it's not just about staying a step ahead; it's about expanding your knowledge, shining brighter in the insurance galaxy, and turning every opportunity into a triumph..

  • Customer Management - A Simple CRM

    Manage your clients effortlessly with our intuitive CRM system. Designed for insurance agents, our customer management feature ensures you keep track of all client interactions, policies, and key information. Streamline your client relationships and elevate your service with ease.

  • Data and Team Management

    Unleash the potential to do more and earn more with our intuitive CRM system, tailored for insurance agents like you. Effortlessly navigate client interactions, policies, and vital data, transforming routine management into significant growth opportunities. Elevate your service and deepen connections, all while amplifying your earning potential—efficiency has never been this rewarding.

  • iRecruit - Team Building

    Revolutionize your growth with our innovative recruitment tool. Equipped with an income projection calculator, it not only aids in attracting new agents by showcasing potential earnings but also simplifies the expansion of your agency network. Recruitment becomes effortless, laying the foundation for your team’s success.

Success stories from the Ignite family

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    “Our work entails face-to-face meetings with clients and this usually takes time because traffic jams are so bad. And this client-facing is just one aspect of our job, we need to attend to time-consuming processes for onboarding clients, claims settlement, appraisal, and more.”

    RR Tri Rejeki
    An insurance agent using Ignite from Indonesia

    “With customers becoming increasingly digital, they’re starting to consider buying insurance online due to convenience—it’s easier and faster to get and there are just more products to choose from. Using Ignite, we are able to equip ourselves with digital upskilling so we can do our work better and quicker so we can meet the increasing demand of our customers.”

    Nguyen Dieu Huyen
    An insurance agent using Ignite from Vietnam

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Join Ignite now!

Interested to find out more about Ignite? Get in touch with us with this form.

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