Shopee Increases LTV by Cross-Selling to Targeted Customer Segment

  • Increased customer life value
  • Drove revenue with positive contribution margins


Shopee is Southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce platform. In the second quarter of 2022 alone, 2 billion transactions were made on the platform and Shopee’s gross merchandise value amounted to US$19 billion.

Southeast Asia has one of the highest rates of mobile usage worldwide, clocking in an average of 3.6 hours per day. Smartphones are also one of the top products purchased on Shopee – with enough devices sold to cover three football fields during one of Shopee’s mega sales! To meet the demands of the modern consumer, Igloo and Shopee worked hand-in-hand to launch two embedded insurance products: phone screen and mobile 360 protection plans. In line with Igloo’s vision of “Insurance for All”, we made sure that our products are simple, easy and affordable.

Opportunity | Cross Selling to High-Value Customers

We first identified touch points to cross-sell to Shopee’s customers purchasing high-value products. In the case of Shopee Philippines, phone screen protection is automatically recommended to customers purchasing mobile phone accessories during checkout. This is on top of the gadgets insurance that Shopee Philippines is offering on its platform. In Malaysia, two products with different coverage needs – phone screen protection and mobile 360 – are recommended to Shopee users. 

Our phone screen protection covers repairs of cracked screens while mobile 360 product covers water and accidental damage, and loss and theft, among others. 

Solution | End-to-End Policy and Claims Management

Once a purchase is made, Igloo’s proprietary activation process kicks in. For phone screen protection plans, customers are required to go through a validation process.

Option 1

Option 2

They are led to download the Igloo’s cracked screen detection mobile app – this is where our patented image recognition technology comes into play. There are two methods in which users can activate their policy on the Igloo app: 

  • Option 1: Have two devices on hand – user to use a separate device to capture photos of the insured device
  • Option 2: Use a mirror – user to use the front lens of the insured device to shoot in front of a mirror

With our image intelligence technology, this translates to reduced operational costs for our partners as there is little need for human validation. In the rare exceptions where automatic validation is not possible, Igloo provides customer service support to facilitate the process. For mobile 360 protection plans, policies are activated automatically.

Igloo Competitor
Time taken for a phone screen to be validated
3 seconds
5 seconds
Time taken to complete activation process
30 seconds
2 minutes
Image detection rate
100%* success rate *When a separate device is used to capture photos of the insured device
Low success rate
80-90% accuracy, and a fully automated process
85% accuracy

To make the claims process seamless for both our partner and end users, we worked with Shopee to source for partnering repair shops and service centres. At the moment, we have X authorised repair shops and service centres across Southeast Asia. Repairs completed at our partnering shops and centres are processed automatically. For regions where our authorised repair services are not available, customers have the option to visit their preferred service provider and submit their claims afterwards.

Our end-to-end solution, supporting Shopee with product discovery, pricing strategy, policy activation, claims management and payout, has helped to increase customer life value – all while reducing operation costs for Shopee.

About Shopee
Shopee is the largest eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Offering a wide assortment of products, Shopee provides consumers an easy and fast online shopping experience that is enjoyed by tens of millions of consumers daily.

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